Casa Coffee and food shop has been the favourite corner spot at the heart of Kensington Market since 1963. Located at the corner of Augusta Ave. and Baldwin St. you will find our shop packed with fresh bulk food, fully stocked shelves of jars that line the walls, filled with all manner of coffee, tea, spices, herbs, nuts, chocolate and candy.

Stop in and grab a fresh cup of coffee or pick up something for your pantry. While you’re there, have a look at globes spinning over your head and an old-school counter lined with sweets and sundries. Locals and visitors alike delight in grabbing a scoop of ice cream or fresh canolli and peering out of the windows, which open up in the summer months for an open-air feel onto the street, becoming a sidewalk café in the truest of senses. With barely more than a dozen seats inside, there is still enough room to hang out while facing open windows that give out onto Augusta. Most of Casa seating space is on benches or at the bar outside.

For the convience of those in a hurry, the pull up window is loved and appreciated by many of our loyal customers.

Once you're in, you can choose your adventure. The door to the left leads you to our cafe and the door to the right brings you to our shop, buy and go market.

Come by and experience the vibrance and diversity of our quaint little shop.

C'mon by and check out our fresh coffee, fancy drinks,
baked goods, tasty snacks & wide array of sundries..

Feel free to click below for more information about our products and selections.

Not Just JAVA

We are supporters of Fairtrade coffee producers, who are small family farms organized in cooperatives or associations which the farmers own and govern democratically.


Try out our premium teas, which are distinguished from (herbal, black, green, oolong, rooibos, etc.). Select from an assortment of fragrant, fruit, floral, sweet, toasted, citrus, spicy, grassy, savoury, smoky, medicinal notes and more.

Fresh Pastries

Find homemade and locally baked croissants, muffins, breakfast cookies, loafs, biscottis, cannolis, Portuguese tarts and rice cakes here.
Come by early cuz the selection goes pretty fast!

CANDY is dandy

We are the candy emporium of Kensington Market. If you haven't been by our little shop, you must check out our wall of candies galore. We have everything from lollipops, gumballs, gummies, candy corn, jujubes, chocolate, dutch licorice, mints, wine gums, sweet or sour... just endless!

ICE CREAM You Scream

Our ice cream is from Kwartha Dairy (Ontario owned and operated). Kawartha's ice cream is made the old fashioned way with 100% Canadian fresh milk and fresh cream. During the summer months, you will find line ups from our ice cream counter streaming out the door onto the sidewalk.


... Makes everything nice, and that's what makes your dish so tasty! Need a pinch of this or that? Missing that little something to complete your cooking, baking or pickling? We have it! We carry all sorts of ingredients for your recipe: flour, rubs, seasonings, bouillons and so much more!

The Latest Scuttlebutt

Our coffee selection is as impressive as you will ever experience.
We make specialty blends for several local restaurants.
Vietnamese restaurant owners travel all the way to our shop to get their beans.

Two of our biggest bean fans can be found right here in the area.
We are proud bean suppliers for:
Pizzeria Via Mercanti and Sanagan's Meat Locker.



Our featured beans were hand picked in the revered Kenyan Nyeri District: pleasant and sparkling acidity with flavours of grapefruit and plums. Enjoy the full body and aroma of this exclusive Kenyan coffee fermented for 72 hours in the region’s cool mountain air. We bought the whole lot through direct trade with the farmers. Ask our staff to put you on the mailing list for next time we do this. So when it's gone, it’s gone forever!


 For Your Aches 

Hey, are you sick? Because if you're feeling sniffly or your tummy is upset, we've got your back. Use our spices and teas to start feeling better naturally. We have loose leaf teas you can brew -OR- menthol and ginger candies to suck on.


 To-Go Cookie Jars 

Who doesn't love cookies? We made special Cookies In A Jar for you. Choose from 3 different flavours for your sweet tooth needs -OR- pick it up for that special baker in your life.
It makes a perfect little gift!
Only $7 each or 3 for $20.

Get In Touch With Us

235 Augusta Avenue ~   Toronto, Ontario M5T 2L8   ~   PHONE: (416) 593-9717


Monday to Thursday ~ 8am to 7pm
Friday to Saturday ~ 8am to 8pm
Sunday ~ 9am to 7pm
(CLOSED on Holidays)